Sunday, October 2, 2011

Herman Cain is he Palin 2?

I have been entertained recently by the growing interest in Herman Cain's candidacy for President of the the United States.  Cain, a conservative businessman from Georgia and a former radio screamer is Black.  In fact he calls himself a real black man, as opposed to Barack Obama.  If any of you knows what that means let me know.  But what is comical is watching so many on the right who used code words at times and overt statements at others falling all over him because he is conservative and black and calling people who don't like him racists.  Their reasoning is that when Obama was a candidate some on the right used racist tactics both overt and covert to attack the now President.  They were called on it.  The question of his birth, his understanding of "normal Americans" to quote Sarah Palin, and even those who called him "an articulate black man" like some of my friends on the left.  But no one I know is posting pictures of Cain as a witch doctor, questioning his understanding or feelings toward "white people or white culture" as Glenn Beck did, nor are members of the DNC sending out pictures of the White House lawn full of watermelons as was done when President Obama was President-elect.  And don't get me started on the attacks on Michelle.  But these same people who explained these things away or even encouraged them are now putting their arm around Cain.  As if to say once again, "See I am not racist, I have a black friend".  We have seen this before.  Only the last time it was about women.  When Obama beat Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, within the McCain camp several people wanted to make sure his VP running mate would be a woman.  A woman with cred with the right wing, a woman who could talk to the evangelicals and fiscal conservatives who were leery of McCain and also one that could be used as a prop.  A prop to say any criticism of her was sexist.  You see right wing operatives were already sowing the seeds of this calling Obama's people sexist for attacks on the Clinton campaign.  They actually believed a woman on the ticket would draw in women voters for a McCain/Any Female Ticket.  I remember hearing Palin's name and thinking early on she would be the one.  Someone who hadn't come into her own yet, from a state off the radar and someone who had a reputation for being loud and challenging authority.  I think I was the only person in my circle of friends who wasn't surprised by her pick but it was simply cynical.  There were those who truly thought that women would vote for McCain/Palin because Palin had two X chromosomes.  They didn't, you know why?  Women have brains.  Palin represented a great deal of the opposition to the majority of women's issues they find important.  Beyond that the Hillary supporters were mostly moderate left to far left women.  Some strong one or two issue voters.  Palin was a traitor to them.  They didn't buy it.  But a by-product of this strange tactic is that it propelled other women to step forward and take leadership roles in the GOP.  Nickie Haley, who I disagree with a great deal but will some day be a strong leader in the party and Michelle Bachmann, who I truly wonder at times if she is over-medicated.  And many more.  Not all for the good of the party regardless of issues. Christine O'Donnell and Sharon Angle made the GOP look like complete idiots in the last election cycle losing a chance to take and important Democratic Senate Seat and defeat the Senate Majority Leader.  Both failed because the GOP didn't get it.  Women actually do think about who they vote for and it is not sexist to vote against a woman you don't agree with.  

So now we have Cain.  Now Cain has bounced up and down the polls and has tied his all-time high since the start of the campaign.  He is the new flavor of the month for the GOP who I am still convinced hate all the people who are trying to lead their party.  But what we have found is that we are now seeing blog posts questioning African Americans commitment to Black culture if they don't vote for Cain.  That is insane but it out there.  Do they think this will work?  Do they really believe they can propel Cain to the nomination and try to guilt Black people to vote for a man that has said that the President of the United States may not be black enough?  Who questioned his birth?  Who has argued that it may be Constitutional to block mosques from being built in the US?  That to me shows a real loss of touch to reality.  But there it is.  We will see.  My prediction is that Cain will say something or do something that will make him fall out of favor.  He may have this morning on the Sunday shows, I have watched them all yet as I write this.  What I do know is that the people who sent the watermelon notices and carried signs of Obama as a witch doctor are not likely to champion Cain for long.  This is not like making racist jokes in the board room when the one black director steps out to bathroom.  We will see the truth come out.  I mean when he ran for Senate a few years ago they called him a liberal.  Still can't find that audio of Neil Boortz, does anyone have it, surprisingly it is not on his website.

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