Friday, June 1, 2012

Abortions...not a simple story

Recently a woman here in Indy tried to kill herself and her unborn child with rat poison.  She survived her unborn child did not.  She is charged with murder and infanticide based on Indiana law.  Her defense will be the law is unconstitutional so once again Indiana will be at the center of a controversial decision.  I don't right now have an opinion on this case but that is not what I am writing about.  I follow on Facebook a local reporter/pot stirrer Abdul-Hakim Shabbazz.  One of his other followers said this, “Sometime maybe you can help me understand a local story where a woman used her right to choose to end her own life and her unborn baby with rat poison and is charged with infanticide and murder. If she went to a clinic and had an abortion the same day she would be a hero. Can you explain that one?”
I am always struck by the comfort the anti-abortion crowd has with suggesting they know what I think as a pro-choice advocate.  A hero?  Really?  I have been an advocate for abortion rights for almost 30 years and I have met no one who cheers abortions.  Most people believe they should be safe, legal and rare who identify as pro-choice.  Abortions in fact have been on a slow and steady decline since 1990.  Part of the reason is that we are doing better comprehensive sexuality education.  Teaching young people about the responsibility of their sexual behavior is important.  Raising our children to not only embrace who they are as sexual beings but showing them how to respect it up to and including things like birth control, honoring one’s body by acting safely and of course honoring whoever one chooses as a partner.  These are the things that will make unwanted pregnancies and abortions reduce in number.  The other benefit is later first intercourse, less disease and more positive choices about sexual behavior as a young adult and into middle age.  Understanding the sex is a positive thing but something that comes with responsibility will eliminate the need for many abortions.  But it might be easier to simply lob simplistic bumper sticker slogans.  I know it takes less thought. 

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