Monday, July 2, 2012

Impeach Roberts?

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts voted in the majority with 4 other members of the court to uphold the Affordable Care Act, now Public Law, as Constitutional.  Roberts, who was seen as the anchor to a future conservative court, sided with the so-called liberal justices in the majority though not following their entire ruling.  Writing for the majority he weaved a brilliant and scary argument that the commerce clause does not apply but the individual mandate, the cornerstone of the law, is constitutional as the fine for not having insurance is within the power of Congress to tax.  This has made him the enemy of the right wing noise machine, up to and including someone questioning if he is addle-minded by his medication for epilepsy. Seriously, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America is being questioned as crazy because of epilepsy, why?  Because he voted in favor of something the President of the United States Barack Obama wanted.  This is where we are America.  Make a reasoned legal argument that the right wing nuts don't like and you are going to be called crazy or worse.

In fact, there is a loud sound of the zombies that cling to radio hosts and Fox News to move for impeachment of him, saying that he made up the taxing power.  First, wow, the world is full of Constitutional scholars, second, well hmmmm what can I say?  He saw the law differently, I honestly don't like his reasoning but like the outcome, but he simply saw the law differently from the anonymous punks who hide behind keyboards and cheer on wingnuts who call Roberts a traitor.  It is unworthy of this country and unworthy of any debate.

But you see the GOP leadership is out there encouraging this kind of hyperbole.  Rep. Mike Pence and GOP nominee for Governor of the State of Indiana liken this ruling to 9-11.  Are you freaking kidding me?  Others have lied about it being the largest tax hike in history.  (Secret, you can avoid the fee/tax by simply getting insurance so that you are covered when something goes wrong, also it isn't even the largest tax hike in Noah's lifetime).  Others talk about a new Medicare tax provision that with tax at 3.8% anyone whose income is over $250,000 and sells a house with a net profit over $250,000 and any profit over that mark.  Which means, if you earn over $250,000 on your tax return and sell a house and a huge profit you will pay $.038 on every dollar of profit over a quarter of a million dollars. Of course there will be ads suggesting this applies to every home sale.  But what are facts in an election?

You see there is a real effort to attack Roberts because he didn't follow a party line.  Even other justices on the more conservative wing of the court have apparently leaked information from inside the court isolating Roberts.  How worthy of the court.

This makes me sick.  Any elected official who continues to use hyperbole and stupidity to gin up the masses should be attacked without mercy.  This is bad for the country and bad for any hope at all.  Pence is not alone he is just closest to home.  As we get closer to the elections I will certainly keep reminding people.  I hope that the electorate will take this silliness into account.

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