Saturday, August 18, 2012

How Can You Hire This Man?

A while back I was interviewing a candidate for a job opening at work.  She was the third interview in that day and I was running late so I pulled up her resume and joined the conversation already in progress.  I had highlighted two points on the document that I was excited to see how well she presented herself.  When it was my turn to ask a question I referenced one of my highlighted points.  She looked at me as if I was speaking a foreign language.  So I hit my second point and the same results.  I assumed I had the wrong candidate and apologized for the mistake and ask her name again.  It matched the name I was looking at.  Confused, I asked about the points I was hoping to learn about when she said, “You see my friend made my resume, he must have gotten that wrong.”  And that was when I checked out of the interview and moved on.

I was reminded of that story earlier this week when the GOP’s likely VP candidate, Paul Ryan, this fall was talking about the 2009 stimulus package that President Obama and the Democrats used to turn around the collapsing economy.  You see the intent of the stimulus was to save of create jobs.  On more than one occasion Ryan was asked about stimulus and whether he could be counted among the hypocrite GOP members who screamed on TV about how the stimulus was socialism that wouldn’t work.  He clearly said he never asked for stimulus money and that it would destroy the economy.  However that proved not true.  He did in fact asked for it at least 4 letters in which he said that he was hoping to create or save thousands of jobs.  So a lying hypocrite proved and he of course did what any good upstanding person would do, blamed his staff.  The problem, like the woman in the interview with me was that his name, like hers, was right there on the paper.  They owned it and the fact that Ryan, like the woman’s resume, lied means they should be treated the same, Ryan’s interview for his newly sought job should be over. 

Now it is unlikely that I would ever vote for a member of the modern Republican party for their strange obsession on social issues, but how can anyone help this man become the number 2 most powerful man in the world, when he so easily lied about something so easily checked.  He padded the resume and if you hire him then you simply are rewarding deceit.  And that would be stupid. 

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Bonnie said...

I remember that interview well.

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