Birthers Unite

Tonight Joe Biden will debate Paul Ryan and Martha Raddatz will moderated.  And yesterday the right wing noise machine lost their minds over the fact that 20 years ago Martha married a man that was a friend of the President's when they were in law school.  Raddatz has seen divorced President Obama's friend but to the right it is one more left-wing conspiracy.  They ignore that debates are organized by the bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates.  This is the latest in a long line of fake outrage and quite frankly this is disgusting.  Anyone, and I mean anyone, who slanders and libels Martha Raddatz by suggesting she will be softer on Biden because the President is a law school buddy of her ex-husband should never again be taken seriously.  There is nothing in Raddatz's award winning reporting to suggest that she will not do the job in a fair way.  Tabloid rags like the Daily Caller who "broke" the non-story has just sought to pollute the way many Americans will make their decision on who will lead us for the next 4 years.  The sickness that somehow if the roles were reversed the left would be up in arms.  Yeah, because there is no media/GOP connection?   Fox News has been the propaganda wing of the Republican Party for years, once posting on their website as their own reporting a GOP talking points memo, including a type found in the GOP release.  There have been 23 OP-ED pieces in the Wall Street Journal that were written by paid and unpaid advisors to the Romney campaign that never mentioned that fact.  This is what happens.  The media and politics at the highest levels pick from the same basket.  That is just the way things are.  But think about this.  The outrage is about the fact that a friend of the President's ex is the person asking questions tonight.  Think about any wedding you went to in college where you were friends with one of the two getting married.  How many are divorced?  Will your friends ex do you favors because you gave them a punchbowl or a set of steak knives in the 90s?   Seriously this is as ridiculous as the birther crowd.  The right wing has become the voice of conspiracy.  They are the Ancient Alien crowd only their lies and craziness could have real results in our lives.  It is time we call them out.  If you are a Democrat, then respond when your right wing friend posts or says one of these crazy ideas.  If you are a Republican, hold your party to a standard of reality. We have to.  This is a Democratic Republic.  If we allow the lunatics to control the message we will only elect more lunatics.  There are those who always say "We Need to Take our Country Back".  We do, from those who build reality our of smoke and mirrors.  I would rather talk about the policies Obama and Romney are proposing than the pate the President ate at Cambridge Hilton in 1993.   


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