Friday, November 9, 2012

I Am Just Disgusted...No Room for Amusement

When Elvis Costello wrote Angels Want to Wear My Red Shoes, he didn’t have the right wing noise machine to make him cynical.   However, in the days since the election I found myself becoming more angry and hostile to that wall of ignorance that drives most of talk radio and the Fox News Channel and spills into the hearts and minds of ordinary people who are losing their minds and vomiting their bile all over the internet and to anyone who will listen.  The fact free world of the right wing is so destructive and while we can take heart that a majority of Americans chose to take a stand against it the other night, we have a long way to go. 

As the election returns were coming in the ground work was being laid at Fox News for the narrative that would carry on the rest of the week.  As news agencies including Fox called Ohio which gave the President enough Electoral votes to claim re-election, Karl Rove challenged the conclusion of his own network, citing his conversations with the Romney campaign and thinking he knew more than the vote counters in the backroom.  At one point suggesting the counts coming in were not accurate.  This narrative was reinforced by two line mention of voting irregularities which now have some on the right questioning whether the count is real or just President manipulating the data.  Let’s be clear, Rove had a great deal invested in Governor Romney winning.  Millions of dollars in other people’s money were spent with Karl in charge.  His return was minimal and frankly his apparent on air break with reality could have been a very real and very public display of what goes on in our heads when cognitive dissonance sets in.  But none the less, his crazy reaction to reality is becoming a narrative that was echoed by an equally lost soul in Donald Trump, who called for revolution and called the election a sham.

But that was small compared to what we have seen since election was called.  There has been an unrelenting attack on the voters, over 61 million, who chose to rehire the President over the Republican challenger.   We have been called lazy, maggots, takers, moochers, looking for the golden goose.  There are those who have said we just want people to do for us and not work for what we need.  That the women who voted for the President just want to be able to have sex with anyone and have the government take care of their birth control or abortions.  Beyond that there are those who say we have a mental illness, one radio shouter suggesting we all have brain damage.  The people on the right have been so soaked in the miasma of the right wing echo chamber that any reality that challenges what they are told by carnival barkers.  When faced with reality they will call anyone who challenges their lies and vitriol all manner of names. 

Let me be clear.  I am not lazy, I work for all I have, I am pretty sure I am not mentally ill or injured, and neither do the hundreds of people I contact daily.  To call me that because your party failed to win an election is stunning, and your anger at the fact that America chose to give the President a second term if far more an indication of perhaps the need for mental health evaluation than the of those who voted for Democrats.  But there is hope.  You can fully ignore the disease that is the right wing media and focus on thinking for yourself.  You can listen and evaluate what is going on around you, but do from a position of knowledge not emotion.  There are plenty of ways that one can be critical of this or any President and hold his feet to fire without resorting to questioning his patriotism or calling him treasonous.  But if you persist to simply elect to carpet bomb the universe with lies, attacks, ridicule and silliness I am going to respond.  I am sick and tired of having to constantly explain to people reality, but perhaps that is one way I can make a difference.  If you are going to support something, good for you.  But if you are going to simply attack I will be waiting and this blog may call you out.  By name.  And one thing I am good at is making sure that everyone will understand the facts.  

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