The Rape Thing

I was wanting to avoid making this blog about the election for the last few weeks, but I continue to feel the anger and outrage growing.  I have plenty of forums to attack those who seem to be going after the President in deceptive and ridiculous ways but I want to say something about Congressional elections.

For a couple years there has been a GOP chopping away or attempting to on organizations that provide women's health when that included abortion.  Abortion is a topic worthy of debate, thoughtful and well meaning people can have a clear opposition to abortion in many situations, but recently the far right wing of the party have made statements about abortion that show a lack of concern about women and reality.

I am not going to repeat them all here.  We all know what was said because even the main stream Republican party was outraged.  Be it a clown from Missouri who ignores science to a Senate candidate from Indiana who thinks babies from rape are an intended gift from God, there seems to be an environment where outrageous statements have become the new normal.  At least 12 candidates for the House and Senate have said things that suggest that rape victims who become pregnant are somehow compounding the evil and should be made criminals if they seek to end their pregnancy.  When that argument doesn't work they have said things like "incest if very rare", "the body shuts that whole thing down of suggest if there is a rape exception there will be lines of women, irresponsible and promiscuous lying about being raped to get abortions.  Clearly their vision of women is one of lazy, slutty, manipulating and irresponsible.  Heck, I half expect one of these guys to ask "How did she get raped any how?"

A new tactic is to suggested that abortion is not going to be an issue in the next Congress.  Pay no attention to all those, including the VP candidate of the GOP who said that abortion is just another form of conception.  How quickly do rational people think this will become an issue if the GOP has full control of the Congress and perhaps the White House.  Will women's health care and access to abortion in the case of rape or incest, something that almost 80% of the country feels is appropriate, become a bargaining tool in a split government?  Should it?

I know there are many issues for all of us to vote.  I know that it is difficult to focus on any one issue and feel good about a vote.  But when you go to the polls on Tuesday in one of the districts or states where one of these candidates have dismissed the horror of rape as just another form of God making babies, conception or like having a child out of wedlock PLEASE THINK ABOUT A WORLD WHERE THESE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER OVER YOUR LIFE. If this is what they will say out loud, in front of people, imagine what they are being quite about.


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