Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's the End of the World as We Know it....

...and I feel fine.

I have been overwhelmed by the pain of the recent school shooting and the tsunami of ignorance that followed.  Of course I waded into it and didn't even put on my water wings.  So today I want to write about something more fun.  The end of the world.

Seriously, this Friday I am going to an end of the world party.  I don't know what I am going to bring but part of me wants to give everyone green bananas.  I have lived through many dates that should have been the end of world in my life time.  Modern day prophets have used everything they could to calculate the end of the time.  Some with horrific effect as followers killed themselves and others, while more often the leader of such movements wakes the next day and says whoops, the batteries in my calculator were running low.  New date to come.

This week is a particular confluence of end time hilarity.  You see, the Annunaki are returning with an entire planet, the Mayans long-count calendar is turning over, the Nostradamus crowd looked back to find something to hang their hat on not wanting to be left out, and of course the continued drumbeat of those looking for the signs and portents that match their reading of the Bible, and bad weather, dead animals, and the recent re-election of the President all gave them fodder for gigabytes of blog posts for at least the rest of the week.

I could go into detail telling you why these are all wrong, but why insult your intelligence.  You know that if a planet was on its way by Friday some 12 year old some where would be posting pictures of it on facebook because it would be apparent in the night sky and frankly the day time sky.  (though look at pictures of Nibiru online, they are nice examples of a contemporary Ink blot test.  Some see a planet and two plumbers from New England would see ghosts).

More often than not, people who speak of secret knowledge and government hiding information from you usually have either a financial or mental health need for it.  The first is just cynical though would make P.T. Barnum happy but the second is sad.  We have turned a great deal of this into entertainment so we can read Dan Brown's books, watch Ancient Aliens (on the History Channel) and see the Mayan Calendar on the evening news.  We love it but we should fear that which is too easily believed that is certainly beyond belief.  Seriously, how can anyone think lens flairs are a planet hiding behind the sun and what does that mean for the rest of their life?  I don't know, what I do know is that whenever there has been an end of the world panic people have died.  I hope this weekend is uneventful.

Judaism teaches that creation never ended and we are always adding to this on-going creation.  Everyday the world is new so every day a world ends.  We help to create the new world that we live in.  As we move forward in the wake of recent tragedy remember the ingredients that we bring to the recipe of the new world will be important to what the final product will turn out to be. Don't let the hurt we all still feel and the anger over the financial uncertainty be the main focus of the world you build.  Look for the joy we all have somewhere in our lives.  Focus on that and as Friday comes and goes, and the sun rises on Saturday, take the moment to create the new world you want.  I know I will as I pack for a vacation.

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