Saturday, December 29, 2012


So we went to Las Vegas and had tons of fun, but as always there were lessons to be learned.  I just want to make a few observations so you can share in our fun on this trip.  I really was surprised at the number of people in Vegas for the Christmas holiday and frankly how little I felt the Christmas was on us.  It was funny though that a couple weeks after Hanukah there was still a giant menorah on Freemont Street.  But really the only real Christmas feel came from the fact that every so often I would run into a drunk couple with Santa hats on or a woman dressed as an elf letting people take pictures with her for tips.  But elves really would have more clothes on, it is cold at the North Pole.  

It was a great trip and we did have to add to the trip because the snow in Indiana so we got to enjoy an extra night.  It meant spending more money than we wanted to on adult beverages, but that is just what you do on vacation right?  But there are certain things that you might not want to do on vacation, so here is some advice. 

  1. When the pilot feels the need to announce for the third time to honor the seatbelt light on the plane pay attention.  Turbulence will toss you around if you are walking around the plane.  I know it is hard to believe but you aren’t Superman.  It takes a lot to make the Southwest flight attendants angry, you should be proud. 
  2. Understand that even though you have stepped off the escalator, that doesn’t mean it stops.  People are coming up behind you, don’t just stand there trying to figure out what out which direction you want to turn.  There is a Law of Physics that states we can’t both occupy the same space at the same time.  You will be run into, sorry that means you spilled your way overpriced alcoholic Kool-Aid.
  3. To that end, while it makes for a cool picture the walkway crossing the Strip is not a photo studio.   I promise I will wait to let you take a picture but when you set up a tripod and start composing a scene by moving the family around you will get photo-bombed. 
  4. Also unintended photobombs are so common in Vegas we should think of a special name for them.  I just can’t believe how surprised people are when you walk into their photo however that they are talking, in an elevator that is open, in a walkway, in front of restroom doors, etc.  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but is well documented for further use? 
  5. Family vacations are fun, but if you find yourself being told by a casino boss that just because the slot machine has cartoon characters on it does not mean you are allowed to have a toddler on your lap while you play you might consider your next family vacation at real Disneyland. 
  6. Oh and the long hallways of the MGM are designed for running, I get that.  Just not 3am with your toddler laughing so loud car alarms are going off. 
  7. If you stood in line to get tickets to a show who’s title plays off the 50 Shades of Gray books, and you know it is marketed that way, don’t complain that there is a number in it with handcuffs and bondage.  That is the hook that got many of the others there.  It is like going to the Christmas show and complaining you don’t like the colour red.  

So there it is. I am not really complaining I just noticed these things and wanted to share. People watching was a good part of the trip but mostly it was getting away with Dianne and having fun things to do we don’t normally do here in Indy.  Big props to southwest airlines for helping us avoid the storm and not charging us for the change to what turned out to be a better flight.  Bit ups to MGM for basically giving us a free night.  If you find yourself in Vegas and want great food and the buffet experience the Wicked Spoon is amazing, and the single portion presentation is amazing.

I hope whatever you did at the end of the year was great for you.  Enjoy and New Year and no worries, I will get back to writing about politics, religion and the world around.  I mean I hear there is a fiscal cliff we are about to go over, as Thelma said to Louise, “Let’s keep going”.

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